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    Discover the holiday rental house in Lustica, Montenegro
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    A wonderful base to discover its endless beauties
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    Beautiful beaches minutes from the house
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    Set in the heart of Montenegro's untouched peninsula
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Introduction to the beaches of Lustica

Numerous beautiful beaches are located close to your accommodation at the Lustica Mill House and are accessible by foot or car. Sparkling clean waters on the open sea shore of the Lustica Peninsula add to the attractiveness and excitement of the shore, and numerous land and island fortresses create an impressive vista.

Whether you are looking for something quiet or with plenty of activities, the beaches near to the house (from 5 to 20 mins by car) vary, some with many restaurants and shops (Zanjce), while others are quiet and isolated (even in the high season) and only accessible by boat, such as Arza and Dobrec beaches.

Miriste Beach Lustica peninsula Montenegro

Miriste Beach

A delightful beach set in a quiet cove with a mixture of sand, pebble, concrete shoreline. A small harbour sees small boats with day-guests from the mainland at Herzeg Novi, while larger boats and super yahts (from Porto Montenegro) anchor off shore, taking advantage of the sheltered waters.

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Blue Horizon Beach Lustica peninsula Montenegro

Blue Horizon Beach

Probably one of the most beautiful beaches in Montenegro. Blue Horizon (Plavi Horizont) beach is a wide semi-circular shaped, and fine sandy beach - encircled by delightful green pine woods.

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Arza Beach Lustica peninsula Montenegro

Arza Beach

Overlooked by an impressive Austro-Hungarian Fort, the small and sheltered beach of Arza is located about 7 mins by car from the house. The beach is quiet and always peaceful with the nearest facilities (restaurant, cafe, changing rooms/showers) are 10 mins walk away.

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beaches in Montenegro

Other beaches

There are numerous other beaches of varying degrees of isolation and popularity including Rose, Krasici and Ponte Veslo as well as other less well know places waiting to be discovered at Dobra Luka, Oblatno, on the islands of Zanjice and Mamula, and elsewhere around the peninsula

Zanjice Beach Lustica peninsula Montenegro

Zanjice Beach

Probably the best known beach on the Lustica Peninsula, Zanjice is a wide and popular pebble beach encircled by two verdant headlands, and giving sheltered clear waters and gently sloping shoreline. 5 mins by car or a pleasant 15 min walk to the house.

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Blue Cave Beach Lustica peninsula Montenegro

Blue Cave

One of the highlights of seascapes of Montenegro, the Blue Cave is renowned for its clear turquoise waters situated in a large semi submerged cave, which boats enter and leave through large rock openings.

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Dobrec Beach Lustica peninsula Montenegro

Dobrec Secret Beach

A romantic pebble beach nestled in between two wooded headlands. leaving visitors with an dramatic impression ; and asking themselves, do places like this really exit anymore?

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Map of Boka Kotor Fjord Area showing the main airports at Dubrovnik and Tivat; the historic centers of Herceg Novi, Perast, Risan, Kotor and Budva. The map also shows the location of Lustica Mill House on the Lustica peninsula, which devides the fjord from the adriatic sea.

Lustica peninsula | Montenegro

Lustica Mill House

Marovici village, Montenegro

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Warm welcome from the Owner

Fabian Dittrich, is the proud owner of the Lustica Mill House on the Lustica peninsula. He acquired the house from the previous owner Jas who bought the house while working in tourism in Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, and Bosnia between 2000 and 2006.

For someone who was quite familiar with the Eastern Adriatic coast, he was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon (Lustica) an area that had not been taken over by large scale tourism, while, at the same time, was located near to two international airports (at Tivat & Dubrovnik); close to the many clean beaches and a beautiful largely untouched natural environment; as well as near to the historic attractions and amenities at Kotor, Dubrovnik Budva and Tivat.

The house was fully renovated - keeping the old mill in the same place it had once ground olives for centuries - with the help of Tivat based architects, Axum Architects, and combining sensitive restoration with modern facilities. The house was tastefully decorated using genuine furnishings and bright materials from Nepal in Asia.

We hope you have an opportunity to enjoy the Olive Mil House and the Lustica surroundings as many of our guests have before...